“Day 3 (You Diminish Me)” Track Premiere on Sleeping Village Reviews

It’s here! Moonlow’s debut track ‘Day 3 (You Diminish Me) is now premiering on Sleeping Village Reviews (along with some very kind words)!

I can’t thank Sleeping Village enough for this.

Moonlow – Who Are You? will be released Oct. 16th from Trepanation Recordings

from sleeping Village reviews:

Moonlow presents “apocalyptic noise poetry,” and if that particular combination of descriptors wasn’t what you were expecting to encounter today, join the club. This one-person artist in question writes music for fans of Current 93, Laurie Anderson, Crowhurst, A Forest of Stars, and Brian Eno–which, frankly, is an odd enough roster that an actual template isn’t exactly apparent. The instrumentation is equal parts harsh and tranquil–a peaceful mediation routinely and unexpectedly beset by paralysis demons. The lyrics are spoken, whispered, and guttural fried with alternately   tranquil and chaotic abandon. It’s ritualistic, and enchanting, and….kind of scary. In a word: this is delightfully weird stuff. 

Sleeping Village

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