“Day 3 (You Diminish Me)” Track Premiere on Sleeping Village Reviews

It’s here! Moonlow's debut track 'Day 3 (You Diminish Me) is now premiering on Sleeping Village Reviews (along with some very kind words)! I can’t thank Sleeping Village enough for this. Moonlow - Who Are You? will be released Oct. 16th from Trepanation Recordings from sleeping Village reviews: Moonlow presents “apocalyptic noise poetry," and if that particular combination of descriptors [...]

Who Are Moonlow? Who Are You?

Apocalyptic noise poetry. Moonlow is a new one-person “apocalyptic noise poetry” project from musician and producer Dust.  Through abrasive and / or ambient synth sounds and spoken, whispered or screamed lyrics, Who Are You? interrogates concepts including death, fear, pain, God, nature, hope, joy and love.  This is a cathartic musical journey in which you [...]